Watercolor Blue – Rozainne Portrait

Blue and Yellow Watercolors in play. After days of creating a serious artwork, in brown and gray, I am back to creating something whimsical. This watercolor fanart was inspired by one of Miss Rozainne‘s profile pictures. This lady is not only pretty but also talented. 😍   Here is the final portrait of Rozainne using blue and yellow Kuretake…

Watercolor: I hear you but I can’t

I hear what you have to say but I can’t They: What are you painting? That? Again? Me: I’m an artist. They: What are you wearing? You are so unfashionable. Me: I’m an artist. They: You changed your hair again. It doesn’t suit you. Me: I’m an artist. It’s funny how other people question your…

Sketch: Worried

Are you worried my love. Expectation. Pain. Pressure. Not being good enough. #art #drawing #Watercolor #painting #female #portrait

Watercolor: Mariebeth Eduarte

Beng Beng into the room.. 😁 May nahanap akong artwork habang naghahanap ng files. Medyo nde kahawig haha sorry.

Chocolate Wrapper as Headdress

Simple pencil sketch with Delfi’s Treasures chocolate wrapper as headdress. This chocolate taste so good.🍫 Thanks Cyril 🍫 #portrait #treasureschocolate #delfi #sketch #drawing #art

Acrylic: Mother of Colors

After 3 and a half hours. “Mother of Colors” Acrylic on Canvas 18 in x 24 in Study the step by step process on how I created this piece on my Behance Page.

Sketch: Flower Eating Fairies

Creating a bigger, better and more realistic version of this lady #portrait #painting #drawing #art #artist #traditionaldrawing #canvas #acrylic #Watercolor #woman #wip

Hair Struggles

The struggle is real. When you just can’t choose which hairstyle. Straight or Curly? I wish you can put on both but you’ll look crazy.

Poem: Killing Roses

Killing Roses by Ena Beleno Roses are red Violets are blue. I do not know If I’m in love with you.