Amihan – Encantadia Digital Fan Art

Amihan – Encantadia Fan Art by Ena Beleno- This digital fan art was created using Samsung galaxy Note 3, using Sketchbook application. DOWNLOAD  TUTORIAL FOR FREE by visiting my PATREON PAGE  so that you can study the painting process. I hope it will be able to help you on your digital drawings. Happy Painting #DoItWithArts

Poem: Paint You

“Paint You” -ena beleno- Let me paint you, Because I’m not good with words. Let the brush strokes strike this paper, They’ll tell you what I need to say. Let the colors sing you the songs I cannot play.

Chrysanthemum Painting

Chrysanthemum is the flower of friendship. The centipede in Kalinga tattoo serves as a protection wherever you may go. While the golden feathers symbolizes freedom of choice and expression. For @melissa_fox83 Thanks for everything mars 😙 xoxo

Watercolor: I hear you but I can’t

I hear what you have to say but I can’t They: What are you painting? That? Again? Me: I’m an artist. They: What are you wearing? You are so unfashionable. Me: I’m an artist. They: You changed your hair again. It doesn’t suit you. Me: I’m an artist. It’s funny how other people question your…

Flower Series – Painting

Flower Series- Commissioned Watercolor Artworks 300 gsm high quality watercolor paper Year 2016 Chrysanthemum Delphinium Aster Alstroemeria