ELSA Speed Painting using Acrylic and washi tapes FROZEN 2

ELSA Speed Painting using Acrylic and washi tapes FROZEN 2 Here’s an ELSA Speed Painting using Acrylic and Washi tapes. I’m totally excited to see FROZEN 2 this November 2019. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel  at youtube.com/enabeleno for more art tutorials and speed paintings. Thank you very much. Materials used: Golden Acrylic paints 12…

Artwork Process for Woman Create 2016 Planner

A Fateful Meeting About Art I was at the UP Town Center with Jan Castolo for an Art Bazaar. We were making an on-the-spot charcoal and watercolor portraits for free. That day, I was lucky to meet two young artistic women named Marika Callangan and Reese Lansangan who decided to drop by our booth. I…


MANILART 2016 Around 33 select galleries and over 600 artworks are featured at MANILART 2016. The number of paintings are overwhelming and the pool of talent was overflowing. I am an artist of color so it’s natural that i am pulled towards the colorful and detailed artworks. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to join…

Poem: Paint You

“Paint You” -ena beleno- Let me paint you, Because I’m not good with words. Let the brush strokes strike this paper, They’ll tell you what I need to say. Let the colors sing you the songs I cannot play.

Talk Talk Korea 2016: Hanbok

Bloom Korea, Finding the Most Beautiful Hanbok It is a story of a lady and her friend in search for the most beautiful Hanbok in the land. Will they be able to find it? Let us follow their journey! Once upon a time, there was a rich lady in search for the Most Beautiful Hanbok…

Sketch: Flower Eating Fairies

Creating a bigger, better and more realistic version of this lady #portrait #painting #drawing #art #artist #traditionaldrawing #canvas #acrylic #Watercolor #woman #wip

Art Vs. Artist

The colorful and uplifting. So kailangan pati ung pose ng artist nakatakip din ung isang mata? Hahaha