Kiana Kaslana – Honkai Impact

Honkai Impact. In a world being worn away by the Honkai, a group of brave girls formed the Valkyrie Unit, and are now battling to protect the world. Character Name: Kiana Kaslana  

Agent ACE

Agent ACE in red and blue uniform. Military uniform concept.

A Cup of Coffee

Coffee: A sip or two wakes you up, but too much of it makes you palpitate. THE SIP My first sip began when I joined the workforce as a graphic designer. I enjoyed the many perks of being an employee in the government. I got to work for prominent people in our province. The benefits, leave system, allowance and bonuses were very sufficient for a…

DARNA 2017 Concept Art (Liza Soberano)

Liza Soberano is the new Darna. And since I am one of the fans of the actress and the iconic role, I created a fanart of Liza in that red head gear. his is my own concept art of Darna.

Fantasy Illustrations Digital Painting

Digital Drawings using Adobe Photoshop, Paint tool Sai and  Autodesk Sketchbook. If you’d like to study the painting process of these images you can visit my Tutorial Page here.

Comics: Things We Worry About

Daily life of an artist and the little things we worry about: from the bills to pay to the voices in our heads. Let’s be real, adulting is scary and challenging.