Hand-drawn Illustrations for Mindful Coloring Books

I was commissioned to create these hand-drawn illustrations for Mindful Coloring Books. Some of these illustrations are very intricate while some are in simple large prints. I create at least 30 images per coloring book with different themes. These high quality illustrations are hand drawn using Pen and Ink, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Mindful Coloring Books is an independent coloring book publisher created to share the joy of coloring with everyone! Whether you color for fun, relaxation or to stimulate your creativity Mindful Coloring Books has something for you. Creating coloring books began as such a marvelous experience and quickly turned into a fun and creative adventure.

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Coloring Book by Ena Beleno


Art by ena beleno

Coloring Book by Ena Beleno

Coloring Book by Ena Beleno

Art by ena beleno

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If you’d like to know what customers have to say about my illustrations, here are some reviews.

“The more I work with Ena the more I appreciate her talent and creativity as well as her dedication to each project. This project was delivered earlier than expected and was exactly what I wanted.” – Alexandra S. – Mindful Coloring Books, North Carolina

“This was an excellent experience. I gave Ena a theme and an example and she created a beautiful coloring book that was better than I had hoped for. I certainly plan to use her again and would recommend her to anyone needing hand drawn artwork.” – Alexandra S. – Mindful Coloring Books, North Carolina

“The designs are simple, yet really beautiful! The big and bold drawings make it a fun and easy coloring experience without straining your eyes in the more intricate and detailed designs of other adult coloring books. I absolutely recommend this!” – M.Madero – Amazon Customer Review

“I received this book to give my honest opinion about it….Awesome images of butterflies and flowers galore in this book! I would recommend this book for beginner to advanced colorists because there is something for everyone inside! 30 Beautiful images to color! I would recommend using colored pencils in this book. Great gift for anyone!” – Cindy Howard – Amazon Customer Review

“They are all very pretty though some are quite detailed and will take a steady hand and a sharp pencil to color. The images are all quite pretty. Some of the pictures are a little more on the easier side but i would say that most are pretty detailed. Due to the detail in this book i would classify it as an intermediate to advanced book. I think a beginner may be a bit overwhelmed by the detail in most of the pictures but i know quite a few people like the challenge of a detailed picture and if you do, this book is definitely for you!” – Mommy Colors , Amazon Customer Review