How NOT to be productive

Here’s how to not accomplish anything and master the art of procrastination even though you have deadlines that could break your career. *Sarcasm intended. This blog identifies the simple bad habits that  can have a negative impact on our productivity. I have done and experienced these, and believe me, these habits are corrosive and can kill you from the inside.

1. Convincing yourself that you have all the time in the world
You have time, why not do it tomorrow right? And then you decided to do it tomorrow ,then the next day, and the day after that. And the loop continuous until you only have one day left to finish everything. The outcome of this? Low quality output, a lot of mistakes in it and delayed submission.  You then apologize to your client and ask for more time.  Just Wow!

2. Not creating a plan
You have a lot of deadlines but you never identify which projects to prioritize. You ignore creating a plan by not writing the tasks on a planner or any sheet of paper. With no guide,  you just decide to jump from one project to another. Next thing you know, you weren’t able to complete any of your projects.

3. Doing something else
You are scared to start the project because you feel like your skills are not enough. You talk yourself out of it and do something else. You clean your desk, clean your room, you do the dishes and other tasks not related to completing your project.

4. Considering the project as tedious
You have a massive project and there’s a lot of work needed for you to complete it. For example, you need to layout a book or brochure, you need to search for inspiration, download images and create content. You feel like it’s a very tedious task and instead of starting ahead you choose to delay.

5. Worrying too much
Deadlines are fast approaching and you have a long way to go. Instead of crossing the bridge when you get there, you think of crossing it while you’re still on your way to the bridge. You worry that you can’t submit your output on time, or that the client might not like your design. These scenes are normal and are part of the design process. You worry for the silliest things that might not even happen. You create negative scenarios in your mind causing unnecessary anxiety and stress.

6. Checking your notifications and social media pages every 15 minutes
You spend too much time on social media; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. You choose to spend hours of scrolling, reacting to pictures and reading other people’s posts and stories. You stop to watch a video over Facebook and watch another one after that.

7.  Watching more Youtube videos, movies, TV series and Kdramas
Your favorite series have new episodes uploaded and you must watch it. You tell yourself that you’ll just watch one episode, but you went on a marathon and watched the whole season. Your eyes are now tired so you just want to sleep instead of completing your project.

8. Online shopping (Lazada, Shopee, Amazon and other online shops)
There’s a lot of tempting sale items, vouchers and other shopping deals you just can’t ignore. You convince yourself you need another nude lipstick for your collection that you never get to use anyway. You tell yourself that you need another pair of high heels and trendy items that you’ll use for an occasion next year. You fantasize how that short red dress would make you look good and attractive,  then you search for more. You spend hours of searching for lower price deals, best ratings and good seller feedback, but at the end of it all, you never get to checkout because you can’t afford all the items in your cart. What a waste of time right?


There you have it, these are some of the many bad habits that help us procrastinate. Practice these steps  and for sure, you’ll get fired from your job. These habits should be avoided at all cost especially when you have deadlines. *Sarcasm intended and this post are for those people who feel like positive uplifting advises are not working anymore.  Let me know if you are guilty of practicing these activities when you have a deadline. Also, stay tuned, I might post a new blog, this time on “How To be Productive and Complete a Project”

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    Here’s how to not accomplish anything and master the art of procrastination even though you have deadlines that could break your career. Sarcasm intended.


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