Review: Limelight Sketch Books

There’s no such thing as too much sketchbooks, so I am out there hoarding for more. I breathe and live for art, so a sketchbook is a must have.

Limelight Sketchbook review by ena beleno

During my visit at the National Bookstore, I saw these Limelight Sketchbooks on a shelf. My heart said “It’s a sketchbook! Let’s buy it!” but my mind says “Wait! Let’s check for quality.” The gray colored book  got my attention not only because of the color, but also because it has that hardbound cover and an elastic strap. And when I held one, my first impression was ” hmmm…it might be expensive”. I was expecting it to be priced at 400-500 pesos. But I was surprised that it’s only 199 pesos.  So, I bought one and used it right away.

– A5 size
– 100 pages
– 120 GSM
– Cream colored, smooth pages
– 5 colors (Blue, Red, Gray, White and Black)
– Hard Bound Sketch Book
– Has an elastic Strap
– Has a white ribbon bookmark
– Pocket at the back to hold my stickers, photos, and especially my calling cards
– National Book Store price at 199.75 pesos

Limelight Sketchbook review by ena beleno
This sketchbook is perfect for those who are always on the go. I highly recommend it for sketches using  pen, pencil, and light watercolor washes. Markers can also be used but make sure to put another piece of paper underneath because markers do bleed on the other side. It’s also great for bullet journaling. These can be a perfect gift for your artistic friends, for your kids who love to draw, or just simply for yourself.

Limelight Sketchbook review by ena beleno

I loved the sketchbook so much that I had to buy 2 more. So now, I have the gray, black and red. For those who are looking for an affordable  sketchbook, consider Limelight.

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