BTS SURREAL Love Yourself: HER

This is the result of Inktober 2017.
I followed  Inktober’s official 2017 prompt list and picked the first 7 words from the list. Those words  were Swift, Divided, Poison, Underwater, Long, Sword, and Shy.

I’ve assigned each member a word, then from there I started to sketch.  The words helped me generate ideas on what to draw. I knew I wanted to draw each BTS members’ faces,   surrounded by flora, fauna, with accents of insects/animals. The members faces were based on their photo shoot during their Love Yourself: HER album.  After  roughly inking  the sketches, I colored them on Photoshop. 3-4 colors were used to highlight important parts of the illustration.

These are the 7 illustrations merged into one poster. You can check all member’s individual illustration here.

BTS Bangtan Boys Fanart

Also please watch and listen to their latest single entitled “DNA”. Enjoy!


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