Dear Art Episode 1 Announcement

I’ll be uploading videos with voice over about drawing tips/tricks/ tutorials, and my life as an artist. These video episodes will show you some drawing time lapse as I discuss topics related to art. These video episodes will be called DEAR ART.

Dear Art Episode 1 – WHY I QUIT MY JOB TO PURSUE ART. In this episode, I’ll be giving you my top 5 reasons why I quit my corporate job to pursue a career in art. Episode 1 will be uploaded on my YouTube Channel ย this Friday, September 1. See you there. Thank you everyone!

Art Update Quit Job to Pursue Art Career

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  1. I hope you win. Art as a non-artist is so interesting. Peeking through the art and seeing glimpses of the artist, ideas, motivations, mistakes, foibles, and whatever else the artist shares is similar to me to deep water divers displaying the mysteries of the deep that we all accept is there and had NO IDEA how people access it until we see it demonstrated.
    And still I don’t know!


    1. ena beleno says:

      I’ll share my experiences in the field of art and hopefully those who read/watch these tutorials and timelapse videos will be inspired to create as well.

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      1. I hope your new career turns out better than you ever hoped it could be.


      2. ena beleno says:

        Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚


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