Ammungan 2017 Creative Shirts

We sell t-shirts. Yup you read it right. We combined art and apparel, and celebrated the Grand Ammungan Festival by joining a trade fair featuring Vizcaya’s Best Products.

Nueva Vizcaya: An 8 hour bus ride from Metro Manila. Nueva Vizcaya offers more than mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls and mystical caves. The Province of Nueva Vizcaya offers a unique cultural experience with its multi-ethnic people. If you are fond of mountaineering and caving, visit us. If you want to escape the busy city life, you’ll find calm and serenity in our province.

Ammungan Festival. The root word “Ammungan”, original Gaddang word, is now easily understood by all ethnic tribes in Nueva Vizcaya because its root word connotes “Gathering” is also found in the Ilocano word “Ummungan”, the Iluko dialect being the lengua franca or common tongue (language) used in the inter-communication among varied ethno-linguistic groups in the province. The foremost objective of this event is to highlight all that is good (values, practices, costumes, implements, songs, dances and eve food) among all the various tribes where each one of Tribu Vizcayanos can find linkage, belongingness and identity.

Various activities on the festival include: Street dancing competition, Drum and Lyre competition, The voice of nueva vizcaya, Search for Saniata ken Bayabay, NV Got Talent, Animal Show, Painting Exhibit, Grand Parade, Gun Bike, Fun Run, Zumba, Agricultural Trade Fair, Jobs Fair, Medical Mission etc.

BAON” is a Tagalog word that means the provision or supply on a journey. It can be in the form of food, money or supplies.

So what is our paBAON? More than the typical text based items, our souvenirs are created in the form of art, highlighting the province’s tourist spots, culture and products. The designs are created by Vizcayano artists specializing in traditional painting, digital illustration and graphic design.

With this, BAON VIZCAYA Souvenirs aim to promote the Naturally Vibrant Province of Nueva Vizcaya.


Pictures of our booth, happy customers and visitors can be found in the album below.

Ammungan 2017 DAY 1. Our booth and our happy costumers. Thank you everyone.

Posted by Vizcaya Souvenirs on Monday, May 22, 2017


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