Ammungan 2016 Souvenir Program, Behind the Scenes

Grand Ammungan Festival souvenir for sponsors is a coffee table book which includes these page:  Message from the Governor, Vice-Governor and Director General, History of Nueva Vizcaya, History of the Ammungan Festival, Fast facts about the province’s 15 municipalities, Provincial offices and their services,  Sponsors with their names and logos, and galleries of pictures taken during the events.

This year, I was commissioned to design the 2016’s GAF Souvenir. Designing a book is not new to me.  For more than 5 years, I’ve been lay-outing different books for different clients. When I was still working in the government, I became a member of the Working Committee for Design and Souvenir since 2011. I’ve been with the IT Division right after graduation, and most of the designs used by the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya were produced in that office. Working committee chairman, members, designers and the Director General are  working together in data gathering, supervising, designing and proof reading the book. Usually, a minimum of 5 designers work together to finish all the book’s pages.  And this usually takes us 2-3 months to complete. What’s something new for me though is that this time, I’ll be designing alone for a time frame of one and a half month. This is really a challenge.

There are almost 120 pages to this book, and I am giving a behind the scenes as to how each elements in a page were created. My design was based on the festival’s theme ” Nueva Vizcaya: Agtultuloy nga agkaykaysa”. Tribal patterns and bold festive colors were used to exude the fun in unity and solidarity among the people. I’ve created light, dark and colorful versions for the cover pages and made the inside pages sharp and clean. You can also see the stages on how the tribal clothes/ patterns were created. These designs are yet to be approved by the Director General Maybelle Sevillena.

Click on the image for full view.
Ammungan 2016 Souvenir Program by Ena Beleno

Ammungan 2016 Souvenir Program by Ena Beleno

Take a look at the designs from the past Ammungan Festival here.

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