Small Painting Work Space in the City

Back in 2015, I lived in Eastwood City for a year. I was still a Web Support Specialist when I shared a condo unit with two friends of the same company. 25th Floor, Le Grand Tower I has been my home in the city. Our condo, was a 5-10 minute walk from our office.  Malls, office buildings, restaurants, residential units and all other services are available within the city.

Our one bedroom studio type condo unit was just enough for 3 girls with basic pieces of furniture and personal things in it. But since we were blessed with creative minds, we have our very own painting and photography materials. In our condo, I have a little table roughly around  2.5 by 2.5 ft in size. We have a very small work space so I needed to adjust my painting process. Back home, canvases as tall as our wall is what I am working on. I have a spacious open area for oil painting. I can move around freely and create anything I want. But with such small work area in our condo, I needed to be considerate of my roommates and opted to create smaller artworks. Oil paints have an annoying smell, so I never used them for almost a year. When I paint, I use either acrylic on canvas or watercolor on watercolor paper. All other artwork inspirations and pictures are pasted on the wall. All acrylic painting tubes are kept in a plastic box that goes under my table when I’m not using them.

My painting work space in the city was small, but that lead me to learn more about other painting mediums such as acrylic and watercolor. I’m glad to have experienced living in the city. We have a small space, but we also have this big spectacular view.

Painting Wprk space in Eastwood City by Ena Beleno

Phone Photography using Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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