Painting in Monochrome

Almost all of my artworks are colorful. There are pops of vivid colors everywhere. But on this 3 feet by 4 feet oil painting piece, I’m exploring a  monochromatic color scheme. Browns and blues are on play.

I’m also challenging myself to finish the painting within 10 days. Preparation is key to finish it within that time frame. For big pieces like this, my painting process are the following: First, I pick a theme, then I created a sketch of my idea on my sketchpad. The rough sketch turned into a more detailed output. After that, I took pictures of the sketch and tried to color it digitally.  The digital sketch serve as a guide while I paint. When I am satisfied with what colors to use and where to put them, I start the actual painting on the canvas. I gather all materials and paint. I am allotting 4-6 hours a day for this piece and I am currently on the 6th day.


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