Attack on Titan Cosplay – DIY Body Suit and Makeup Tutorial

September 25, 2015
There is a Friday theme day in our department, and last September 25th is about “Anime”. I never really liked participating in this kind of activity but since I love anime I thought I had to involve myself in some ways.

Jad, one of the brave souls, who is always participating in the said event, had a brilliant idea of dressing up as Annie Leonhart of the anime Attack on Titan. I’ve watched one episode of Attack on Titan from my anime addict brother. To be honest I am not familiar with Annie’s character, since I’m not watching that much anime nowadays, so I googled her. I saw her in a Military Police outfit. I said okey she’s cute we just need some wig, some leather straps, brown jacket, white jeans etc. But then Jad said she’d like to be in Annie’s titan form. (Wait! What? She’s a titan? Dumbfounded, I searched for her other form. WTF! This titan looks gore, bloody and looks like a living corpse and I Loved It I can’t wait to bring her to life. *Insert Frankenstein creator laugh here* Yes, it’s challenging so I decided to help out.

So this is how we (team Chris) created the Female Titan’s DIY/ improvised body suit and make up.

Materials for the Body Suit:
1. Skin tone/ white colored leotard
2. Skin tone/ white colored leggings
3. Tulco Textile Paint – Black, Red, White
4. Acrylic Paint –Orange
5. Paint Brushes
6. Cardboard/ Scratch Paper/ Tissue/ Old Newspapers
7. Blow Dryer/ Hand Dryer
8. Charcoal Pencil

Materials for Head/ Face Makeup:
1. Blonde Wig
2. Poster Paint – Black, Red, White
3. Blue Contact Lens
4. Pencil Eye / Eyebrow Liners –Black, Brown
5. Red Lipstick
6. Makeup Brushes
7. Black Liquid Eye Liner
8. Mirror

Female Titan’s Body Suit Tutorial:

1. We were able to find some body suit reference/ pattern by Hollitaima and alysontabbitha. ( , ) We started off with roughly sketching the pattern on the leotard and jeggings using the charcoal pencil. Once we have the guide, we’re now ready to fill the areas with textile paints. Since we don’t want the body suit to be see-through (what was bought was skin tone), we decided to paint it with white. (Jad, Shao, Fran and Beng busy doing the flat paints. Go girls!)
2. Painting can be messy so it’s a good thing to have your cardboards, scratch papers, tissues or newspapers laid out before painting.
3. Textile paints take time to dry, and since we’re in a hurry we used the office hand dryer to help speed up the drying time. (kekekeke)
4. After filling the large parts with flat paint, it’s time to get into the details. Using the charcoal pencil, Fran added the guides for the muscles.
5. Emphasize the muscle lines using the black textile paint and an angled brush. When creating the shadows use the dry brush technique. We want our brush to be a little dry, remove extra paints by dabbing it into a tissue. Create a scratchy look for the shadows. Add some orange acrylics if you like to add glow to some of the parts of the bloody muscles.
6. Create circular or curved lines on the muscles to imitate the muscle folds. Let everything dry. And there you have it; your body suit is ready.

Female Titan’s Makeup Tutorial:

We used this image by NsomniaksDream as a reference.
1.Put the blue contact lens on.
2. Get your white poster paint and fill the face, neck, hands and feet. (Beng is here! The makeup expert!!!)
3. Use the red lipstick to create the circular pattern in her eye area. (Please be extra careful when putting the color near the eyes) (Director AC pointed what needs to be added in the eye area.)
4. When creating the gradient effect in the eyes, lips and mouth areas, use the black and brown eye or eyebrow liners. Sharpen the lines by using the black liquid eye liner. Put details in the nose using the brown eye liner.
5. Use the same technique in the neck, shoulder and fist areas, but instead of using eye liners for the shadows, use the black poster paint.
6. Put on the wig and viola your female titan is now ready to eat people, I mean pose for a photoshoot.

Attack on Titan Cosplay - DIY Body Suit and Makeup Tutorial

Our creation is alive!!!Here you go, presenting Jad from Team Chris!
Attack on Titan Cosplay - DIY Body Suit and Makeup Tutorial

For the first time since the comeback of that theme day, there’s team effort, maybe because of the anime theme thingy. Since the winners will be based on the final posters, Axel decided to become our resident photographer. The shots were then edited by AC, creating an epic output. Slayed it!
Attack on Titan Cosplay - DIY Body Suit and Makeup Tutorial

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  1. You guys are amazing! What fun

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ena beleno says:

      Thanks. It was really a cool project.


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