Baguio Adventures-Safari Lodge, SM Baguio, Ukay Ukay at Harrison Road, Travel Guide Part 2 of 4

Finding hotels near Teacher’s Camp was easy. Just right outside the gates of of the camp, transients, log cabins, apartelle and all other types of hotels can be found. You can walk in to these hotels for room rate inquiry or you can just google and contact them through phone. In my case, I used google and just typed in “hotels near Teacher’s Camp”. Safari Lodge came up and it caught my attention because it’s near Baguio Botanical Garden.

Safari Lodge Hotel is conveniently located just across Baguio Botanical Garden. How to get there? The hotel is a 15 minute walk from Teacher’s Camp. You can also take a jeepney bound to Mines View park. The 5 minute ride will only cost you 8 pesos and 50 cents. Just tell the driver to let you off at Baguio Botanical Garden, right across it,  is the Safari Lodge Hotel. From the name itself, their theme is about the wilderness. Their mini-museum is ornamented with preserved African and Philippine animals, wildlife paintings and warm colored wooden furniture.

My mom and I stayed at room number P32 with a mid season rate of 2, 223.00 pesos for 2 pax for 1 day and 1 night. The room rate included 2 beds, LED TV, hot and cold shower, free WIFI Access, and a breakfast buffet. The room was very spacious making it easy to move around, the bed and pillows were soft and fluffy. In case of emergencies or requests, the front desk is one call away using a telephone near the headboard. Wooden floors and cabinets complimented the cozy and rustic ambiance of the room.

Right after checking in around 9 am, I dozed off to sleep since I was sleepless during the 6 hour bus ride.

For their room rates and other general inquiries you may contact,
Safari Lodge Restaurant, Bar & Museum
191 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
Telephone/ Fax: (074) 442-2419
Mobile: +63 917-632-8658, +63 925-310-5682, +63

Safari Lodge has one of the most affordable room rates and its strategic location adds to its charm. The location is one jeepney away from some of Baguio’s top tourist spots such as Mines View, The Mansion, Wright Park, Teacher’s Camp, Botanical Garden, Burnham Park and SM Baguio.

By 3 pm I woke up and went out to check SM Baguio and Burnham Park. From Safari Lodge, I took a jeepney going to SM which costs 8 pesos and 50 cents. Once I got to the mall, I headed straight to their food court. For my late lunch, I ordered Kogi’s Bibimbap for 150.00 pesos. In relation to this Korean dish, I noticed that there were so many Koreans in Baguio. So if you want to see many Unnies and Oppas, visit Baguio (hahaha).

After that scrumptious lunch, I roamed the mall stores and see if I can find a pen tablet seller. I’ve always wanted to buy a new pen tablet as a reward to myself for more than a year of hardwork on my online jobs. I went to Octagon and to my surprise, they have available Wacom pen tablets. I bought their last stock of Wacom Intuos Pro S for 13, 890.00 pesos.

Walking, window shopping, I got lost of time and before I knew it, it was already past 6 pm. Before heading back to the hotel I went to Dalin BusTerminal to reserve our bus tickets going back home. The bus terminal bound to Tuguegarao can be found just across the mall. It was a walking distance from SM Baguio and near their police station. I wasn’t able to check Burnham Park. I don’t want to be outside at late hours in an unknown city, so after buying the tickets I hurried back at the hotel. My mom also just got back from her seminar.

Instead of sleeping, by 9: 30 pm, we decided to go out and try Baguio’s Night Market Ukay Ukay at Session Road.

If you happen to love bargains, the Ukay Ukay at Harrison Road is a must see. From 10 pm to 12 midnight, they close the whole road for sellers and buyers. From clothes, bags, shoes, accessories to blankets and curtains, you can have them for a cheap price. My Mom bought 2 jackets which costs a total of 300 pesos. I bought 2 denim dresses for 75 pesos each.  The whole road was literally teeming with people who are checking and trying different displayed items. There was a heavy traffic of people in the area, so always be mindful of your belongings. Keep your bags in front of you and avoid wearing jewelries. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

We were exhausted after hours of walking  and bargaining. Around 11: 30 pm we were already at the hotel, sleeping. That ends Day 1 of our Baguio City Adventure.

If you do not have a private car with you, no worries. It’s easy to check Baguio’s tourist spots using public transportation vehicles such as jeepney and taxi.
And if you do not know the directions, use your GPS and google map. Also, you can ask friendly locals, security guards and police officers in the area.

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