Baguio Adventures-Teacher’s Camp, Travel Guide Part 1 of 4

Baguio; more than a City of Pines. Last weekend, my Mom wanted to attend a Seminar at Teacher’s Camp, but the dilemma was, it’s been a long time since she last visited Baguio. I was afraid that my Mom would get lost in the city, so I (being a good daughter, hahaha) volunteered to accompany her. It’s been almost 5 years since I last visited Baguio City, and if we get lost, at least we’ll get lost together. But I’m glad that didn’t happen. This was the start of our Baguio Adventure.

Baguio City, is the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it is a 6 hour long bus ride from Nueva Vizcaya. The air conditioned bus going to Baguio, equipped with TV and CR costs 350 pesos per person. During the trip, I was not able to properly sleep because of excitement. At night, Baguio’s city lights looked like stars glittering in the sky.  As we approach the city, the sheen of white and yellow flickers looked like fireflies from a distance. The jagged mountain filled with lights made me look at it as a huge rock of gem waiting to be discovered and polished.

The whole trip was unplanned and we didn’t even bother checking the map. Take a bus that says BAGUIO, reach the bus terminal, ask for directions to get to Teacher’s Camp, arrive at the seminar on time; that was the plan, and it worked just fine. By 6 am, we were already at the bus terminal. The cool Baguio breeze welcomed us and the  air was filled with fresh hint of pines. We asked for directions, took a taxi, and for 50 pesos, we reached Teacher’s camp in less than 10 minutes.

As the sun rises, a spectacular garden in front of Albert Hall is in full bloom. An impressive display of flowers and foliage were teeming with color and lovely scent. The morning dew made the petals and leaves gleam. Pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, you name it, these wonderful colors made the garden breathtakingly romantic. I have never seen flowers this much in my life, so I was in awe.

How I wish I can grow these in our backyard, but I’m afraid they’re just gonna die because of heatstroke.

How can you say no to this beautiful arrangement?

With these picture perfect backgrounds, selfies and photo shoots are mandatory.

Looking for a snack? Try Strawberry Taho for only 20 pesos per cup.  Taho is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft tofu, arnibal, and sago pearl. In Baguio’s version, arnibal is replaced by strawberry syrup and the sago is mixed with strawberry jam to add more texture. The result, a very Baguio comfort food staple; affordable, sweet, fresh and healthy.

You might also want to try this Kakanin in a stick for 10 pesos. Vendors can be seen roaming Teacher’s camp together with their homemade food products.

I’ve heard stories of ghosts at Teacher’s camp; from someone walking up and down the stairs, someone pulling your blankets while you sleep, someone locking and opening the doors,  faucets opening on their own, to actual sightings. Locals say that those stories were true. According to some tales, it became a camp catering to soldiers during World War II, hence the paranormal activities.  I was hesitant to sleep at the dorm room alone, while my Mom and all other teachers are at the seminar hall. Afraid to experience the horror of these stories, I set out to look for a hotel near the area.

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