Creative Talk: Seminar on Graphic Arts

One of my the things included in my bucket list is sharing my creativity through public speaking. I really believe that sharing, is one way of giving back to the community for all the support and blessing I have received.

When I was contacted to be the speaker for Seminar on Graphic Arts, I said yes.  I was a bit hesitant at first, but eventually, the call to contribute to the greater good through sharing won. Presenting my knowledge on digital painting and graphic design to almost a hundred students, is an honour. The works I’ve created from the past 6 years including the ones created during my college days were shown on the presentation. I’ve shown them where art began and where it led me. I do hope that I was able to inspire the students to create, to never give up on their talent and that they can do it with arts.

Thank you to all who listened attentively and participated on the creative talk. Thank you Nueva Vizcaya State University for having me. I hope to have more creative talks and workshops in the near future.passion study-repeat-practice


For Digital Illustrations here are some apps and tools I use.


For Free High Quality Stock Photos that would be helpful for your projects, here are some websites worth visiting.

1. Pixabay
. Pexels
. Unsplash

For traditional illustrations here are the basic tools I personally use.


Here aro some Free WATERCOLOR Brushes you can download from deviantart . These brushes are also used in my digital illustrations. If you have time, please say thank you to the creators.

1. 38 Watercolor brushes by Mcbadshoes
2.  32 Splatter brushes by Pstutorialsws
3.  28 Ink and Watercolor brushes by Soulspoison

Since I am now into Freelancing, here are some online workplace where I get my clients.


The doodles I used during the presentation is right here.

To all students who took pictures during the talk don’t forget to tag me. Thank you.

Anytime can be the right time, but NOW is the best time to create.

Believe in yourself and may the force of creativity be with you, always. ❤

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