Things of the Week

Things of the week by Ena Beleno

Hello Earthlings!

Here’s what happened for the past week.

A CUP OF COFFEE I NEVER ORDERED is an indie comics I published through . Some chapters are based on personal experience while some are from the fragments of my imagination.

It follows the city adventures of a young lady named Sanna. She finds joy in ordering and drinking coffee. Everything is going well, until she received a cup of coffee she never ordered.

The story is still ongoing, you can read the series here.

I finished illustrating a 25 page Vampire Romance Coloring Book for Fritzen Publishing.
My completed Fallen Angels Coloring Book is published at You can order a copy now.

The book entitled DEMIAN by Hermann Hesse was delivered last week. Since it’s out of stock at National Book Store, I purchased a copy at Amazon for $3. This book was introduced to me through BTS Music videos. It’s interesting how these videos were inspired by the story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth.

We’ve celebrated New Year. 12 fruits were gathered and displayed to bring luck and prosperity.  My cousins, youngest brother, sister-in-law and my nieces helped out in preparing food for the celebration.  We’ve created a blueberry cheesecake, macaroni salad and cooked Caldereta. After the work is done, we’ve decided to watch Conjuring 2. Nightmare. I must tell you that watching a horror film while waiting for New Year’s Eve is a really bad idea. We were screaming in horror because of the freaking nun. Anyway, when the New Year finally arrived, we amused ourselves by watching fireworks display, courtesy of our wealthy neighbors. We jumped with joy, made some noise, tossed some coins and eat the food we prepared. We even sang Happy Birthday for my brother and niece. It’s a triple celebration. And I have a good feeling that 2017 will be a great year.


My Life Lately…

Making: comics about A Cup of Coffee I Never Ordered Cooking: eggs and tofu for breakfast
Drinking:  a lot of coffee Reading:  Demian by Hermann Hesse
Wanting:  to buy a new computer Playing:  with 4 cats in the house
Deciding:  what to write next in the comics Wishing:  I can buy myself an Ipad (after 20 million years)
Enjoying:  a simple life Waiting:  for the sun to rise
Liking:  my illustration progress Wondering:  if I can finish the comics
Loving:  my newly found art style and color scheme Considering: to work abroad
Watching:  Pride and prejudice and zombies for the 20th time Admiring:  Mr. Darcy’s lovely letter
Hoping:  more people would check the comics Smelling:  the morning breeze
Wearing:  my cozy pajamas Thinking:  about future projects
Getting:  used to working at night again Noticing:  the importance of good lighting in my room
Giggling:  with my nieces everyday Feeling:  blessed

Credit to MEETMEATMIKES for the list.


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