Wonder Power- A Contributor’s Message, 365 Wonders 2017 Planner


Being a contributor to Woman Create’s Planners

365 Wonders Planner has provided young, talented, emerging artists, a platform to showcase their illustrations, poems, photos, short stories, music lyrics and experiences in life. In this book, illustrators, writers, photographers and curators became one. Being a contributor to Woman Create’s  movement is truly empowering.

It has been a childhood dream of mine to make my artworks available for viewing to more people. Uploading them online is one way of sharing my works to the world. But nothing beats a physically published book. There’s something about a published book that brings satisfaction to me as an artist. Looking at your artworks getting published alongside different artists is a joy. But the real happiness comes from the people who were moved and touched by your creations. An artwork has power. A poem has power. A story has power. And all that power is harnessed through 365 Wonders Planner.

Artwork Entry for the 2017 Planner

Here is my contribution named “BLOOM”. A lovely woman revealing herself from a bud of a rose. A new bloom, looking for the sun’s radiance. She looks alive, she feels alive, she is alive.  But her reaction is somewhat confused. She’s trying to find something from a distance. Now that she’s alive, she wonders if she can be more than just a beautiful display. There must be something more, her real purpose, and that is what she seeks.

If you’d like to checked the painting process and materials I used for this artwork, click here.

Ena Beleno Artwork Woman, Create 365 wonders 2017 Planner

2016 Cover Artist Message

It’s been a year and this Woman Create 2016 Planner Image Cover has been one of the most beautiful wonders I have ever created. I am very thankful to have graced the cover of 365 Wonders 2016 Planner.

It felt like I’m the reigning Miss Universe in 2016 and now the time has come to pass the crown to its new title holder. I’d like to thank the people who bought Woman Create’s 2016 Planner and to those who appreciated not only the cover but most importantly, the content. The planner has been with you for the whole year and I hope that you were able to get inspiration from each artwork and stories within the pages.

2016 for me was tough and life changing, but rest assured that I will confidently create more beautiful artworks with a heart.

Ena Beleno Woman Create 2016 Planner

A Message for the 2017 Planner Cover Artist

2017 Planner Cover features the illustration of  Sab Diegor and calligraphy work of Crae Achacoso . From one cover artist to another, I’d like to say, “Congratulations! You’ve created a wonderful piece of art . I am now passing the crown of creativity and the scepter of wonders to you. Wear them with pride, but stay humble. Reach for the stars, but stay grounded.

I’d also like to give my eternal gratitude to Ms. Rika Callangan for letting contributors like me, be part of this creative movement. Now we celebrate not just one but two great planners worth keeping. Cheers and Welcome 2017!

Woman, Create 365 wonders 2017 Planner

Woman, Create 365 wonders 2017 Planner

“All universes must start somewhere”, this first ever planner of woman create gave birth to a new universe of creativity. Now, 2017 planner encourages you to “leap into the unknown”, telling you that what lies ahead will always be a mystery. Try to explore, and never be afraid about the wonders.


Know more about the 365 Wonders 2017 Planner Launch Event on November 25 at Fullybooked, Fort.

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