Artwork Process for Woman Create 2016 Planner

A Fateful Meeting About Art

I was at the UP Town Center with Jan Castolo for an Art Bazaar. We were making an on-the-spot charcoal and watercolor portraits for free. That day, I was lucky to meet two young artistic women named Marika Callangan and Reese Lansangan who decided to drop by our booth. I didn’t know who they were but both seemed to be bright and approachable. Jan and I created their portraits. Later on, Jan told me that Rika was the founder of Woman, Create (A local platform that aims to empower and engage young women through art, creativity and (fun) discourse on women-related issues.), while Reese is a singer/ graphic designer/visual artist. Rika said she just came home from a vacation at Crystal beach. She’s really energetic and I can tell how happy she was from her adventure at the sea. Reese on the other hand, just finished teaching for her collage workshop and is now hungry and confused on what to eat. They were funny, pretty and are oozing with confidence.

The Plan

Who would knew? That fateful meeting was the start of something wonderful. Weeks after, Rika contacted me and laid out a super secret plan. It was fantastic and I agreed to be one of her accomplice. The plan was to not to create a typical planner full of blank spaces and monotonous pages. We wanted a planner full of creativity and inspiration. She asked me to send her an artwork to be included in her planner. I sent her one of my newly created artwork named “Emerge”. Later on, she contracted me to create a new artwork for the cover of the planner. She said that she has another artist working on the cover as well. She did this so that she can have an option. Oh how happy and thankful I was when she told me that my artwork was approved and will be used on Woman Create’s 365 Wonders 2016 Planner.

Artwork Painting Process

To give you a background on how both artworks started, here are some pictures of the process.
Emerge was created using acrylic in vellum board. This artwork is an image of a traditional young lady, with an Ifugao inspired clothing and tattoos, emerging from her fear of falling apart. This is also a reminder that everyone, especially a woman, no matter what ethnic group she belongs to should strongly follow her dreams and passion.
Ena Beleno Artworks Woman Create 2016 Planner
Ena Beleno Artworks Woman Create 2016 Planner
Ena Beleno Artworks Woman Create 2016 Planner

Woman Create, First Flight is a watercolor based artwork. The four classical elements (earth, water, air and  fire) were the foundation of this art especially on the color scheme. A light, a flight, a bloom, and a travel in one. This is an art about women being courageous and ready on widening their horizon and reaching places they’ve never been to before.

Ena Beleno Artworks Woman Create 2016 Planner

Ena Beleno Artworks Woman Create 2016 Planner
Ena Beleno Artworks Woman Create 2016 Planner
I hope that this post will inspire you to continue creating.  View the final images of these artworks and also find out the materials I used in creating them. Also,  check out “Woman Create’s First Planner of Wonders Launching Event” . Happy painting everyone.

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