Army: Blood, Sweat and Tears 방탄소년단 피 땀 눈물 BTS

BTS: SPREADING WINGS. Flying with Bangtan.

What music do i listen to when painting, when i am happy or sad? I mostly listen to BTS. I was never fond of rap or hiphop but because of these seven talented dorks, i had a change of heart and ears.

I’ve been supporting them since debut. Their meaningful lyrics and dorky personalities made me a big fan. It’s amazing how listening to a certain music or album can change your outlook in life. Their music feel so fresh and unique. Maybe because their lyrics tackle the unconventional, the issues of the youth that are less represented in the music industry. BTS music is so relatable that it made me question my youth. They made me ask questions to myself like; what am I doing with my time? what am i doing with my dreams? Where is my passion? Is it okay not to be okay? Where am i going with my actions?

While other songs make you daydream and imagine things, BTS music will wake you up and slap you back to reality. It is a good thing because those who are caught on daydreams and fantasies are sometimes stuck there for a long time.

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment

We all know that BTS is not from the big 3 companies of Kpop, but they still managed to be successful. They are overflowing with talent, they write their songs, speak their minds, their dancing skills are superb and they create their choreos as well. They’re really hardworking and humble. Bighit Entertainment did a great job managing BTS. This is a good example of teamwork. The company and the artists listen to each other, there’s a give and take relationship. And because of their efforts, it paved way to worldwide all kills, no. 1 places on charts, sold out concerts, and successful album sales. They are slowly but surely gaining more fan, love and support from different brands and from different fandoms.


Let us not forget the fans all around the universe, the dedicated ARMYs who are supporting BTS. The fans who are losing their heads because of the unending theories; the fans who were woken by youtube or twitter notification because BTS just uploaded a new bangtan video or selca tweet; the fans who saved money to buy the albums and concert tickets; the fans who repeatedly played the music MVs on youtube to memorize the lyrics of the song and to increase the views; the fans who voted BTS on music shows for them to get no 1 trophies; the fans who cheered and screamed the chants; the fans who cried because their idols are given love and recognition they deserve; the fans who cannot pick their bias because all BTS members are upgrading their visuals and talent in every comeback; the fans who somehow found their dreams and directions in life; the fans who have become better persons while listening and supporting BTS; and most of all the fans who have taken good actions in their lives and the lives of others.

The Blood, Sweat and Tears from BTS and the blood, sweat and tears from their fandom is truly amazing. Teamwork makes the dream work and Dreams make the team work.

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