Watercolor: I hear you but I can’t

I hear what you have to say but I can’t

They: What are you painting? That? Again?
Me: I’m an artist.
They: What are you wearing? You are so unfashionable.
Me: I’m an artist.
They: You changed your hair again. It doesn’t suit you.
Me: I’m an artist.

It’s funny how other people question your actions. They question my painting subjects and tell me it’s not marketable. I wear comfortable clothes, but they question my choices because it’s not trendy. I wanted to color my hair, but they said that black or brown hair is better so I should not choose any other color.

I asked myself, who are they to choose for me? Do I have to follow their opinion, just because that is their standard? They tell me that I’m not a good role model to the young ones because of what I do to myself. If their basis of a good role model is hair color, fashion sense or painting subjects, then I think they are so shallow.

I think they should keep their opinion to themselves. I was not put into this galaxy to please them.

I’m an artist. I have the right to choose how to express myself. To all the haters, here’s a painting for you entitled, “I hear you but I can’t”. 

Have a nice day.

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