Joining Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2016

Joined Manila Bulletin SketchFest 2016.Did I win? Nope. I didn’t.

More than 800 participants flocked and joined the Manila Bulletin Sketch Fest 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia, a creative way to celebrate National Heroes Day as well. Kiddie, junior, senior and exhibition categories were created. A total of 13 winners were awarded with cash prizes, gadgets and gift certificates.

The event was an on the spot sketch making competition with the theme “A Step to a Better Philippines”. We were given 5 hours to finish our entry. When the contest officially started I began sketching but my hands couldn’t stop shaking. It’s been a long time since I’ve joined an on the spot contest so i was getting a little rusty. There is that worry that I might not be able to finish it on time. During sketching, there were live bands, music, people talking and taking pictures. It was a test of patience, not only that you have to make it to the deadline but also have to deal with heavy music and the noise of the crowd. I kept my cool and continue with sketching and coloring. I’m glad I was able to finish it.

Although i did not win any awards, I am really greatful for the experience. I met other artists that I only see on social media sites and saw some of their artworks face to face. Congratulations to all the winners.

Thanks for this event Manila Bulletin, I hope to join and win next year.

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