Basic Korean Language Graduation

I Studied the Korean Language!

It was crazy and awesome. But from the start, many were against my decision to study a new language; to study Hangul to be specific. Some told me to study French or Spanish instead. Maybe because for them, those languages are more “sosyal”. Sometimes, I get discouraged by their negative comments. But I realized that my passion for learning more about Korea is greater than their negativity.

Every Wednesday, I travel to Manila and endure an 8 hour bus ride just to attend my 3 hour Thursday class. Most of the time, I study my lessons and memorize for the exams while on travel. After class, I have to bear BGC traffic. By Friday i’ll be on an another 8 hour bus ride home to Vizcaya.

Other people told me that i was just wasting time, money and energy for something that I might not be able to use in the long run or something that won’t give me monetary return once I finished my studies. So why? Why? Well, I’ve always wanted to study a foreign language. It was a dream a long time ago. I love Kdrama and Kpop(esp BTS). I also wanted to visit Korea and maybe live there, well who knows. So I wanted and needed to learn Hangul. It took me a lot of courage to pursue this dream, and now I can say that it was one of the best descisions I’ve made.

Because of this class I’ve got to meet new friends. We’ve got to share what type of music we listen to, what dramas and movies we like to watch, what type of food we like to eat, which actors and idols do we stan and follow. We were bonded together by the same language we are passionate to learn.

After 3 months of studies, my classmates and I learned how to read and write Hangul. We can now understand and speak the basic terms and sentences used in everyday conversations, Thanks to our beloved Korean teacher. During class, we attentively listen to Teacher Kim . She is awesome, she’s very approachable, understanding and fun to be with. She makes sure that we’re able to follow the lessons by siting examples and comparing some words in Tagalog.

Studying Hangul or any foreign language is never easy; you need to alot a time for self study. Answering all assignments and preparing for exams every week is always nerve wracking. But all the sacrifices made was worth it. Finishing the Basics is a good foundation to advance to Elementary 1 Class.

Now that we’ve graduated from the Basics, all I can say is “Thank you”. I am thankful for the fun memories and for the lessons.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” – Charlemagne

Thank you very much KCC, Teacher Kim and to all my classmates. Sarangheyo ❤❤❤

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