Agust D Music Video Theory – BTS Suga

Agust D just dropped his 2nd MV. Theory time!

My theory about the MVs.
Suga is on a travel (with BTS, concerts, album recordings, rehearsals, photoshoot, guestings, interviews) but travelling while being locked up in the 1st MV means that he’s able to make music but is somehow restricted maybe by his company, his family, or his depression and own fears. But as he matures and progress, he managed to gain strength and escape from himself. This escape means he is now ready to be outside his comfort zone, he believed that he can do more and that he can show the world his own music.

On the 2nd MV we can see that he got into a car accident, these are the haters and bashers trying to derail his way to success. But even if he’s hurt, he didn’t stop. He kept on rapping.

Maybe on the 3rd MV we’ll see him walking on the road on foot since he has no car. This means that no matter how far away his dreams are, he will keep on reaching for it.

The 3rd MV will be the calm to this chaotic journey. He’ll realize that he has travelled so far to stop. He has accomplished so much to go back to depression. And that his fans will be there to give him love and support. Maybe they’ll incorporate some videos with other bts members and supportive fans in the MV. Who knows maybe Suran will be there too as an angel of dream, guiding our Suga on the road.

I imagine this MV to be soft and emotional. I hope that the Director will capture the dreams Suga is trying to reach and that his fans and loved ones are with him along his journey.

*well that’s just my theory sorry for the long post.❤❤❤

By the way here is a speed painting of Suga aka Agust D. Check it out.

Thank you.

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