Talk Talk Korea 2016: Hanbok

Bloom Korea, Finding the Most Beautiful Hanbok

It is a story of a lady and her friend in search for the most beautiful Hanbok in the land. Will they be able to find it? Let us follow their journey!
Once upon a time, there was a rich lady in search for the Most Beautiful Hanbok in the land. A Hanbok which symbolizes not just tradition, but hope and beauty.
Together with a friend, they went on a travel. They’ve looked highs and lows, trying on different dresses.But the lady w as disappointed for none of them is what she was looking for.
Until one day, in a nearby village, she finally found The One.It was more than a silk embroidered attire. It has the color of nature, light, and with intricate design.
The unknown yet skilled seamstress told the lady that the Hanbok represents its wearer. It is now the Most Beautiful Hanbok in the land because lady feels confident in it.
Snapped photos, paper cutting, traditional acrylic painting and story telling in one. My entry for Talk Talk Korea 2016 Hanbok Category. Hope you like it.

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